SWANS RACAN-MDH-CU Ice mirror x Photochromic ULTRA light purple lens

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SWANS RACAN is a snow goggle which has wider sight with premium anti-fog lens. This model can be used with wearing eyeglasses. Photochromic ×ULTRA LENS for SNOW

SWANS RACAN is a snow goggle which has wider visibility. This product adapted molded cylindrical lens which provides wider visibility and fog-resistant lens. This product also can be used with wearing eyeglasses. SWANS peculiar anti-fog technology Premium Anti-Fog (PAF) is also applied to keep your visibility clearer. Photochromic ULTRA Light Purple lens is specialized lens for skiing and snowboarding. The feature of ULTRA lens makes the visibility clearer, for example making blur bumpy snow surface more difine during skiing or snowboarding. In the meantime, the photochromic feature changes the darkness of the lens depending on UV light amount, like from sunny day to snowy dark circumstance.

・Lens color : Ice mirror x Photocromic ULTRA light purple lens
・Frame color : Smoke black
・UV protection rate:More than 99.9%
・Visible light transmission rate : 17-35%
・Lens material : Polycarbonate
・Frame material : Nylon
・Belt material :Nylon

・Photochromic lens
・Claritex Mesh

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