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Protect Your Eyes During the Summer Vacation

Summer is here! This is the time we have all been waiting for. SUMMER! We’re pretty sure plans for the summer includes staying active and getting into our favourite outdoor activities. Importantly, protect your eyes in the Summer from harmful UV rays while you are enjoying. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation pose a dangerous threat to your […]

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How to Avoid Sports Eye Injuries

From basketball, baseball, boxing to water and racquet sports, an overview of sports can potentially cause more than 40,000 eye injuries. You would be pleased to know that more than 90 percent of these injuries can be prevented. When it comes to sports eye injuries, or any injuries for that matter, we tend to overlook […]

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SWANS’ Photochromic Lenses

You’ve probably seen Photochromic Lenses mentioned often on our website, but what exactly are they? We understand, most people who are unfamiliar with lens technology terms would reject the idea of something unheard of. The more common term you’ll probably be familiar with is ‘Transition Lenses’. It’s most distinctive feature – Lenses darken on exposure […]

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Boost up Your Record with Improved Posture

Having trouble improving your personal best when it comes to freestyle swimming? There are plenty of conventional ways to hit a faster record from training diligently and consistently, to building up more stamina and muscles to enhancing the flexibility of your body. Little do you know, perhaps you don’t have to look too far or […]

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The Best Places to Visit for Winter Sports Activities

A winter vacation is one of the best getaways we can have. There is no better therapy than spending your vacation skiing, snowboarding, and simply enjoying the extravagant scenery and open air.   We have put together a list of places around the world, where you can head to and enjoy your winter activities (and in […]


Why Protecting Your Eyes from UV is Important

A little Vitamin D helps daily, but not protecting your eyes while you’re at it can be a concern.


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