Made in Japan
Taking responsibility for safety and comfort

SWANS was introduced in 1972 when Yamamoto Kogaku, which got its start in 1911 as a maker of eyeglass lenses in Osaka,
saw the need to apply its technologies to the sports scene. SWANS technologies,
built up by Yamamoto Kogaku over a history of more than 105 years, deliver a diverse lineup of products that protect safe,
comfortable vision for not only top athletes but a wide range of users


Products made in Japan

Almost no other manufacturer in the world is able to handle development and production entirely in house, from design of lenses based on specialized optical expertise through designing frame layouts capable of bringing out maximum lens performance.
Thanks to these technologies, we are able to design and produce eyewear suited to a wide range of purposes, from the ground up.


Lens technologies for controlling light

The polycarbonate lenses used in SWANS products*1 deliver outstanding transparency, shock resistance, heat resistance, and incombustibility. SWANS lenses, which deliver outstanding optical performance, are molded from this resin, also used in applications such as bulletproof equipment and aircraft canopies, using advanced molding technologies. In addition, not only do SWANS lenses block out 99.9% or more of harmful UV rays, but they also deliver a wide range of lens functions essential to individual uses, such as petroid lenses that realize the high strength needed in sports, Ice Blue lenses that improve visibility using technologies to control light rays at specific wavelengths, polarizing lenses that secure clear visibility by controlling glare, and Claritex-coated lenses that maintain visibility by controlling adhesion of rain and perspiration.

*1 Some products do not use polycarbonate lenses.

Lens technologies for controlling light

  • UV-blocking effects, a basic function of lenses

    UV rays can cause severe damage not only to the skin but to the eyes as well. It has been pointed out that exposing the eyes to strong sunlight over a long period of time results in more than just painful irritation—it also is one cause of disabilities of the eyes. All lenses used in SWANS products (with the exception of some special-purpose Yamamoto products) block 99.99% or more of harmful UV rays—no matter which lens color you choose.

  • Polarized lenses

    These lenses are equipped with special filtering functions that effectively block out glare in the vision due to diffuse reflection of light from the sun and other sources. Specifically, they enable a clear view of unevenness in the road by restraining glare from the road’s surface, make it possible to see inside buildings and other structures by reducing diffuse reflection of light on windows, and make it possible to see fish and underwater features by reducing glare from the water’s surface.
    In addition, unlike low-priced polarizing lenses, which are susceptible to water damage and lack durability, Yamamoto Kogaku’s polarizing lenses have the durability needed for use in a wide range of outdoor recreation environments (including uses in extreme temperature and humidity and underwater).

    Natural light, polarized lens, reflected light(polarized), water surface

  • High-visibility lenses capable of emphasizing key subjects

    Our ULTRA Lenses are capable of improving visibility by bringing intended subjects into sharp relief, through emphasizing certain color gamuts specified according to their objectives and purposes of use. Since the color tones that should be emphasized in sporting activities vary with their

    Sport Category Lens Color name Effect
    ULTRA for Snow ULTRA Light Purple To suit the needs of winter-sports environments in Japan, characterized by frequent clouds and snowfall, these lenses succeed in increasing visibility of uneven snow surfaces even under low light conditions. Another important distinguishing feature of these lenses is the way they make it easier for the eyes to adapt in situations involving rapid variation between light and dark, such as on ski courses in the woods.
    Photochromatic ULTRA Light Purple These lenses were developed in response to calls from users for lenses that made it possible to use the features of ULTRA Light Purple under an even wider range of conditions. In addition to adjusting brightness automatically in response to levels of UV rays, these lenses also support comfortable riding under a wider range of weather and environmental conditions.
    ULTRA for Golf ULTRA Ice Blue These lenses, which bring into stark relief colors in the golfing environment—such as the white of the golf ball and the green of the turf—make it easier to follow the ball’s trajectory thanks to higher visibility. They also demonstrate their abilities across the full range of ball sports as a whole, not just golf.
    ULTRA Light Ice Blue These lenses have a color that adapts the properties of the ULTRA Ice Blue lenses especially for use under cloudy conditions and in the low light of the morning and early evening. In light of their properties, they may allow some glare under bright skies.
    Polarizing ULTRA Ice Blue These lenses, combining high visibility with polarizing performance, are designed for use under bright skies. While the standard ULTRA Ice Blue lenses are slightly superior purely in terms of high visibility, these lenses’ polarizing feature makes the grain of the turf stand out and cuts diffuse reflection thoroughly.
    ULTRA for Fishing Polarizing ULTRA Light Green By combining high visibility with polarizing effects, these lenses make fish and underwater features even more clearly visible than previous polarizing lenses. They also improve the visibility of lures and other artificial bait by emphasizing the contrast of their colors.
    ULTRA for Inspection ULTRA Clear Blue Under specific light conditions, these lenses for inspection, developed jointly with major automakers, emphasize imperfections in molded products to make them more easily visible than with the naked eye.
  • Photochromic lenses

    Photochromic lenses are a special lenses that change brightness in response to the strength of sunlight. These lightly tinted lenses darken under strong sunlight, with their tint darkening to the maximum degree as the sunlight strengthens and lightening as it weakens. Since the color of the lens itself changes with the brightness of the field of view, they can be used under a wide range of conditions. In addition, Yamamoto Kogaku’s photochromatic lenses are distinguished by their rapid speed of adjustment. However, since photochromatic lenses tend to become less effective as they age, starting to become less responsive and to show less change in tint after two to three years, we recommend storing them in a dark place under room temperature to extend their usefulness.

Anti-fogging technologies to maintain clear fields of view

Fog resistance

  • Strongest anti-fogging treatment

    Our strongest anti-fogging treatment Our Premium Anti-Fog coating boasts even stronger fog resistance than our standard anti-fogging coating. Even though the principles of anti-fogging treatments used vary by field—for example, hydrophilic anti-fogging technologies are used in swimming goggles while water-absorbing anti-fogging technologies are used in snow goggles—our recent R&D initiatives have succeeded in tripling the anti-fogging performance of swimming goggles and doubling it in snow goggles.

    Snow goggles

    The anti-fogging lenses on SWANS snow goggles combat fogging by absorbing saturated vapor that builds up inside the goggles in the surfaces of the lenses, like a sponge. Since drying the lenses restores their absorbency, they maintain high anti-fogging performance. Our newly developed Premium Anti-Fog coating is a high-performance coating that doubles this absorbency.

    (Compared to the standard coating)

    Double water absorption capacity than ever !

    PREMIUM ANTI-FOG, Current anti-fog absorption, Premium Anti-fog absorption

    Swimming goggles
    Four times the durability

    The hydrophilic ingredients used in the anti-fogging coating on our swimming goggle lenses reduce soiling due to swimming pool water and peeling due to rubbing under repeated (normal) use.

    (compared to our other products)

    Durability Durability of premium anti-fog is 4 times greater than regular anti-fog.

    Premium Anti-Fog successfully increases durability fourfold by increasing the volume of these hydrophilic ingredients used.

    (Based on results of testing by Yamamoto Kogaku)

    Absorption Moisture absorbing capability is 3 times more powerful than regular anti-fog coating

    * Water vapor at 70℃ is sprayed into both lenses by using steam generator to compare results.

Scratch- and shock-resistance

  • Scratch- and shock-resistant hard coatings even stronger than polycarbonate

    Polycarbonate materials come in a wide range of grades: from the low-cost materials used in CD discs to the high-strength materials in astronauts’ helmets for use in extravehicular activities. Of course, the materials used in our lenses are of optical grade, as in the latter example, but they would not be suitable to long-term use if the lenses were to scratch easily in regular use. For this reason, the scratch-resistance of polycarbonate needs to be strengthened further for use in more severe environments and in light of safety considerations. Our proprietary petroid lens materials have been developed to deliver an optimal balance between formability and hardness, and their shock resistance in particular is much higher than those of glass and CR-39 lenses.

  • Anti-scratch mirror coating

    Peeling is a common issue in standard vapor-deposition mirror coating, the final stage of the lens process. However, our mirror technology eliminates this worry by sealing the mirror layer inside the lens. Furthermore, since this technology involves use of a uniform mirror layer formed in advance, it eliminates the issues of color spotting and differences in coloration in the field of view.
    In addition, since the lenses of safety glasses and snow goggles have a petroid coating on the outermost layer, they result in mirror lenses with strong scratch resistance.

Water and dust proof coating

  • Ultra-water-repellent coatings to repel both water and dirt

    These special surface coatings were developed to demonstrate high water repellency to eliminate adherence of water droplets and snow while running or skiing. Since the ability to repel water and snow also repels dirt, they are resistant to dust and fingerprints as well. In addition, any dirt on the lens can be wiped away easily.


Design philosophy

SWANS products are basically designed to protect the safety and health of the wearer from the brand establishment. At the same time, our products must appeal to the users beyond being mere safety tools, that is to say, they should also bring out the best performance while fitting comfortably. As products to be worn on the face, they inevitably showcase the individuality of the wearer. We constantly work to match style with function.

  • Secure

    Designs that are safe for the wearers and others around them

  • Aesthetic

    Making products, wearers, and vision more beautiful

  • Fit in

    Fitting the body and fitting in with the environment, with style

  • Essential

    Identifying possible issues and concentrating on the essentials


Designs that are safe for the wearers and others around them

At the heart of the SWANS and YAMAMOTO brands is the spirit of developing protective gear cultivated over 105 years of being in business since 1911. We question and investigate whether sufficient strength and safety are guaranteed to protect the eyes and other body parts, as well as possibilities of the protective gear hurting the wearer or other nearby athletes. All products under the SWANS brand are manufactured with the highest safety standards.


Making products, wearers,
and vision more beautiful

We interpret “beauty” in many ways. First, a product must be appealing, simply having an aesthetic shape and form. Additionally, it should support the performance of the wearer, helping to create moments of poignancy and healthy beauty. The beauty of a product is perfected by overlapping with the moment of the wearer’s activity. As an optics manufacturer, we pursue the highest quality and precision in lens performance, meeting the demanding requirements of critical environments in the sports world and industrial safety.

Fit in

Fitting the body and fitting in with the environment, with style

The required functions, fit, and style depend on the use conditions, environment, and sports event. Our designs deliver solutions on the back of our expertise, built up through our continuing R&D with athletes. We will keep exploring what we can do for the conservation of nature.


Identifying possible issues and concentrating on the essentials

Take for example, athletes and weather conditions. Workers and their work environment. The starting point of our product development is addressing the inconveniences and disadvantages that arise when humans interact with the environment, or the sense of unfamiliarity or discomfort people feel. We need to accurately understand the issues present at the actual sites and offer solutions with products. The designers constantly keep a keen eye out for the substance of the root cause of the problem and explore unconventional solutions from different angles and perspectives.