Photochromic Clear to Smoke

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SWANS SA-Move is a sunglasses that can be used in various kind of sports.

SWANS SA-Move is a sunglasses that provides lightness and comfortable fit. It can be used in various sports including running. For lens, it is used photochromic technology what features quicker color changes and higher reactiveness to small changes in the amount of ultraviolet light.

・Lens color : Photochromic Clear to Smoke Lens
・Frame color : Demi black
・Size : W:140mm × H:40mm
・Weight : 17g
・Curve : 8curve
・UV protection rate:more than 99.9%
・Visible light transmission rate : 84%~17%
・Lens material : Polycarbonate
Frame material : Nylon
・Accessories : Semi hard case, Instruction paper

・Photochromic Lens
・Flexible nose

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